Let me help you reach your target audience and trigger some conversions

There is so much words can do, if used in the right manner.

What I Can Do For You

All you need to do is give me your requirements and I’ll create magic through compelling and converting copy.


Optimized and targeted content helps generate vital leads. Traffic generation is the sole focus of copy and that’s what I can do for you. I craft copy that reaches out to your target audience, which connects with their pain points and needs. 

I write content for multiple niches based on the appropriate tone; formal or casual. I use third-party data to give leverage to what I write. It helps create more compelling content that will, in turn, lead to more conversions.


You have the choice of providing topics to write about or leaving it to me to do the planning. Either way you end up with  exciting content  that grasps the reader’s attention that keeps them coming back for more.

Content update and refresh

Many website owners make the mistake of using the same website content for years. You need to change the style, information and keywords with time.

This is where I can help rewrite and refresh your website copy to keep your website  updated with the latest trends.

Do you need a writer?

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Or call at +91 62814 86203

My principles and beliefs

I believe that there’s so much a writer can achieve through words.
That’s why it’s said that the pen is mightier than the sword.

My principle is to use the right, targeted, and convincing words to reach and pierce through the reader’s minds and perspective.



“Very nice posts that matched with my subject well! Mradula Shet is very experienced and did a good researching job. We are long-term partners, and those posts she wrote are well structured. I recommend her services to anyone with similar needs ”

May Ji, Digital Marketer for Vance

My Story

Hello! I’m Mradula Shet and a doting homemaker by profession and a writer by passion.

A little bit about me.

I have a lovely husband and three grown-up kids who have some way or the other way contributed to my journey as a writer. They have given me reason and vision in crafting my life journey as a freelance writer.