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Hello there! I’m Mradula Shet, a remote freelancer, and now founder of Monetize Your Talent with Mradula, thrilled to share my journey with you. Over the past 15 years, I’ve delved into the world of online work, wearing various hats along the way.

My journey began with a passion for writing, leading me to become a content writer specializing in blogs and articles across diverse niches. For over 11 years, I honed my skills in this arena, and what set me apart from most freelancers is that I didn’t rely on traditional platforms like Fiverr or Upwork for clients. Instead, I forged connections and found clients through the power of social media marketing.

Remarkably, most of my clients hailed from countries like the US, UK, and Australia—not just India. As my journey evolved, so did my role. I seamlessly transitioned from a content writer to a copywriter, crafting compelling emails, persuasive landing page copy, and impactful ad copies.

While exploring different facets of the online world, I was captivated by the potential of affiliate marketing and embarked on that path for a while.

This journey illuminated my understanding of various online earning avenues. Yet, it was during this time that I noticed a common struggle among online entrepreneurs: the challenge of finding prospects and leads.

Having always thrived online on organic marketing strategies, I focused on becoming a prospect-finding coach. Through this role, I encountered another significant group: individuals with the desire to work online.

They wanted to earn money online and their motivations ranged from escaping the corporate race to attaining financial or time independence. 

However, they lacked direction. They were either unsure of their talents, or weren’t aware of how to start and how to generate leads even if they did start remote work.

These insights propelled me into the role of a talent monetization coach you see before you today.

My journey from content creator to high ticket closer has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to guide others on their path to monetizing their unique talents and realizing their online aspirations.

And to provide remote work consultancy to help the stuck get unstuck on their entrepreneurial journey.

I’m excited to be your companion on this transformative journey at MTM today! To make your dream job and passion a reality!

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What Can We Do for You?

Bring out your hidden
potential and worth

Unlock your hidden talents and discover your true worth with my guidance as a talent monetization coach.

Through personalized strategies, we will empower you to uncover talents you never knew you had and transform them into tangible online opportunities.

Let’s work together to harness your unique abilities like drawing, painting, photography, making things, or even singing.

And in the process embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and financial fulfillment.

Get you unstuck if you’re working online but aren't seeing results

Stuck in your online journey without the expected results? We at Monetize Your Talent with Mradula will help you break free.

We specialize in identifying roadblocks and crafting personalized marketing strategies like organic marketing or ad campaigns to get you unstuck and thriving online.

Let’s turn challenges into opportunities together at Monetize your Talent with Mradula.

Create WhatsApp groups and conduct gamified workshops

Elevate your coaching approach with Monetize Your Talent with Mradula. We will guide you in seamlessly creating engaging WhatsApp groups and designing gamified workshops that captivate your audience. 

Let’s transform your coaching sessions into interactive experiences that inspire growth and monetization at MTM.

Create your dream course to earn passive income

Turn your expertise into a revenue-generating asset with our guidance at Monetize Your Talent with Mradula. 

We will show you how to create your dream online course, sharing your unique skills with the world while earning passive income. 

Let’s work together to transform your knowledge into a valuable online resource that benefits both you and your audience.

And find out how and where to sell it!


Use content to build authority on your chosen social media platform

Leverage the power of content to establish your authority on your preferred social media platform with our expertise at Monetize Your Talent with Mradula. We guide you in crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience and showcases your unique talents. Let’s create a strategy that not only builds your authority but also paves the way to monetize your talents online.


On a mission to empower 100,000 aspiring entrepreneurs to unlock and monetize their hidden talents to embark on a magnificent journey of online work and earnings.