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Here is a list of services I provide to help establish your niche expertise and generate traffic to trigger conversions.

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SEO Blogs

Blogs play an essential part in any website because they help:
• Build your brand and authority in your niche
• Reach out to your ideal avatar/customer/audience
• Use the right keywords to capture traffic, and improve your search engine rankings
• Trigger interest in the reader, and encourage conversions

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Social media ads

You need the help of Facebook and Instagram ads to build your company’s social presence and authority. While too sales-driven copy can turn people away, the right ads targeting pain points help generate qualified clicks to your website, landing page, and eventually to your email funnel.

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Email sequence

Emails can help you personally reach out to your cold audience. You can also use them to warm your audience by:
• Building trustworthy relationships
• Nurturing your relationship and make them take out their credit card
• Keep them updated about the latest products and future launch events, webinars, etc

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SEO website copy

Your website is the face of your business and is responsible for attracting traffic and converting it. It’s the content on it that appeals to the reader and builds a relationship with them.
Each page has potential for conversion, but only if written with SEO, using the right keywords and target audience research.

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Landing pages

You will need a landing or sales page for promotional and informational reasons if you plan to launch a new product, course, or service.
They also help build an email list you can use later to warm and develop relationships for your future launches or promote sales.

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There’s no better way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche than through eBooks. I can help craft one for you based on the inputs, ideas, and topics you research.
You can also use eBooks as a lead magnet to generate leads or capture emails for your sales funnel.
Let me help you reach out to your target audience and trigger some conversions.